Grow In The Dark is a self-playing piece of theatre, where the musical score is conducted by a mouse and the audience becomes the performers of their own play. As the text and music is randomly composed, each peformance becomes a unique and individual experience, never to be repeated. The creative team wishes to explore the theatrical context, using the classical rules of expectation and dramatic convention. By introducing stochasticity as a key element, a playful and gamelike structure is built, eventually ending in a play. A perfomance piece on autonomy, manipulation, individuality and collectiveness, asking the central question: Who controls what I am expected to to experience? 

Concept: Peder Bjurman and Leif Jordansson

Text and direction: Peder Bjurman

Music: Leif Jordansson

Sound design and Interactive system: Johan Adling

Light design: Tobias Hallgren