A guided tour through the archive’s extensive collection of moments. The archive continually conducts a large survey of the neurological nature of the Present and how it is percieved;
How long is a smile? What do you remember of yesterday’s breakfast and what was the meaning of the chance meeting on the corner?

The Archive of Moments is a pseudo-scientific ritual and a musical lecture with visuals on the phenomenon and the art of seizing a moment. 

Part two of a trilogy on time and timing. Part one, Grow In The Dark, was performed at MDT 2011 and Fylkingen 2012. 

Concept: Peder Bjurman and Leif Jordansson

Text and direction: Peder Bjurman

Music and sound: Leif Jordansson

Video, sculptures: Peter Norrman

Guidance, text: Benjamin Quigley