FMR Production is an artistic collaboration between director and writer Peder Bjurman and sound artist and composer Leif Jordansson. They create experimental performances for small and large venues, that playfully explores various phenomena like the human perception, illusion and reality, social agreements and above all, the audience’s role as co-creator to all artistic work.

PEDER BJURMAN born in Stockholm, Sweden 1966.

Acclaimed writer and director, Peder Bjurman, gives equal importance to each separate element in his stagings, including the text, lighting, sound, set, and the actor’s performance. His work is frequently developed in close collaboration with the ensemble cast or with other artists, composers, designers and stage tech companies.

His latest productions, including Slapstick, Enter Numan and Sisyphus with the visual theatre company Missing Link in Stockholm, were all much acclaimed by critics and audiences. Bjurman also provided the original idea for The Far Side of the Moon, directed and performed by Robert Lepage, with music by Laurie Anderson. The play was turned into a feature film, which itself received a nomination during the 2002 Academy Awards. He co-wrote The Andersen Project, commissioned by the Andersen Jubilee, which opened in Copenhagen during June 2005. The plays tours continually to this day, around the world. The new collaboration with Robert Lepege in 2011-15, Playing Cards I-IV, is a 12-hour long epic following the Orient-Occident relations and divided into four parts.

The artistic collaboration with actor Krister Henriksson, in Doktor Glas, has toured extensively, including a long run at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and was played at Wyndhams’ Theatre in London’s West End in 2013.

Founder of the company FMR Production for which he has created Grow in The Dark, The Archive of Moments and The Cloud Machine together with Leif Jordansson.

LEIF JORDANSSON born in Stockholm, Sweden 1960.

Autodidact. Composer, sound artist, musician and performer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Jordansson has been writing music for theatre, ballet and film since 1985 for productions in Sweden, Norway, Italy, USA, and UK. He worked with directors such as Kajsa Giertz, Peder Bjurman, Mick Gordon, Erica Whyman, Ted Shank, Patrick King and Arn-Henrik Blomqvist. Since 1999 he is also artistic director for the experimental orchestra ”The Great Learning Orchestra”. Jordansson has composed music for various productions.

At the moment he is working with a theatre production in Helsinki, Finland and a new book about the art of listening (out 2019).

Jordansson has also worked in many productions as a band leader and arranger for music by artists as Tom Waits, Tiger Lillies, Franz Schubert, Nick Cave and many more.

Since 2009 he has released a number of CD’s and digital releases with instrumental music; ”De halvt dolda” (Those half hidden), ”The Comet”, ”The doll maker” and ”Stockholm East” on brus & knaster and Playground music. Latest digital releases are: "Småstad", "Stockholm Suite, a string quartet" and new projects under the name LJORD ("The Earth is a Faraway Place" and "Stockholm Suite Remixed") The music is available on Itunes, Spotify and other sites online.